Sunday, July 19, 2009


I have definitely been slacking in the blogging arena and frankly don't even know where to begin. Since my last post we have celebrated Easter, our 9th anniversary, a trip to Disneyland, preschool graduation, Matthew's graduation from medical school, Isaac's 5th birthday, a trip to Provo, and for me a girl's overnighter and a couple of days at Girls Camp. Matthew has also had a few "boys only" trips to Pine Valley to do some work at my parent's cabin. Here's some random pictures over the last few months.

Disneyland and cotton candy, what a pair!
Ava taking a little snooze in Disneyland
Isaac and his cousin Jackson at Isaac's birthday party
While in Utah we got to hang out with our friends, the Drakes. This day we went to the Hogle Zoo.
Here we are in Cougartown touring the BYU campus. Matthew and I are die-hard fans, so we try to pass it along to our posterity.
We have had a crazy, fun few months that have included TONS of traveling. I will try and update a little better in the future.

Friday, March 13, 2009

There's a first for everything!

Today Matthew called me at 1:30p.m. and told me he was going to be home in 10 minutes. He said to plan to go out for a few hours by myself and he would watch Ava, pick up Isaac from school--the whole enchilada. I contemplated how to spend my valuable time and in the end I decided to...

go to a movie by myself!

I have never done that before. And to top it off I went to the good old Henderson theatre and I was the only person in the movie. I have to say it was a first for me, but really relaxing.
P.S. I'm sorry about the Valentines background but for some reason I can't get my background to change right now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


What happens when your husband forgets to tell you that the cable guy is coming at 8:00 in the morning?

Let's just say it was NOT a pretty site. I was just moments out of bed...morning breath, make-shift pj's, no bra----you get the picture. Then I had to let him enter three "forbidden" areas in the house...
1. The coat closet
2. The laundry room with 4 loads of clean laundry piled on the counter
3. The ultimate master closet (a.k.a. changing room, dumping grounds for everything that I don't feel like putting away).

So, I was pretty embarrassed by this point and after answering a few of his questions I was off to do a quick run-through while he got some tools out of his truck. I started cleaning up my bathroom as fast as I could, but somewhere in the process I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror....

I had white zit medicine from the night before all across my upper lip and a big glob on my forehead!!

The thought crossed my mind to go out and make some joke about it but I soon decided that would make matters worse. I have had "explanations" for embarrassing moments turn out worse than the actual event. Oh well, life moves on. There's something about having kids that makes embarrassing moments a natural part of your existence!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bulls, Wranglers, and Tee Ball

Last weekend we went to the bull riding competition. We had a blast (other than the overwhelming smell and the endless amounts of drunk people). I'm not sure if it was the annual trip I took to Texas growing up, or my Grandma's Texas blood coming through, but somewhere deep down I have a little "cowgirl" in me. Here's a few pictures guessed it, me and the kids. My family basically has me under threat not to take any pictures of them because they know there's a chance they will end up on my blog. The last picture is of Isaac playing teeball. This is his first season and he's loving it. He even tried to slide into home plate yesterday. I don't know if he'll be trying that one anytime soon!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas! I have had my blogging days shortened quite a bit...we don't have the internet right now so I only get a chance to blog if I go to my parents. Anyways, here are a few pictures of our holiday season.

Pictures from the Gibson family Christmas party...

Jackson, Isaac and Uncle Derek. This year the kids performed the nativity. Isaac and Jackson were donkeys.

Lora, a beautiful angel!

Our nephew Harrison, a wiseman.

A few more angels.
It was Ava's, Shaun's and Jameson's (Matthew's cousin's little boy) birthdays all on the 20th. We sang Happy Birthday to them. Ava LOVES her Uncle Shaun!

I took our actual Christmas day pictures on a different camera that I don't have but we had a wonderful day. After Christmas we spent 5 days at my parent's cabin with Carilynn, Shaun, and Jackson. Of course, I forgot my camera. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Happy New Year!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Running in place

Do you ever feel like you're running around but not really getting anywhere? That's how I've felt lately. I feel like I've been so busy but I have nothing concrete to show for it. We returned from our month long stay in Panaca a couple of weeks ago and things have been so busy. I have about 12 loads of laundry that I've washed but never folded. Every room in my house could be considered a national disaster. Our Christmas decorations are 1/4 of the way done and my Christmas shopping hasn't even been considered. I'm kind of in a spastic phase where I keep jumping from one major project to the next, meanwhile nothing is really getting finished (I'm not pregnant if that's what you're thinking). I'm just in an ADD mode I guess. I've committed to having a productive week next week which always sounds good until Monday comes around. Anyways, I thought I would share a few pictures from the month of November since I've been falling down on my blogging job as well. P.S. I do have a husband, but he has a "no picture on my blog" rule!

While in Panaca we took several journeys to Cedar City to get some much needed entertainment.
Picture 1: Isaac eating his favorite meal, Applebees steak (random I know)
Picture 2: While at McD's in Cedar Ronald McDonald made an appearance. Ava wanted nothing to do with him.
Me and Isaac before our trip to Pine Valley (it's 1 hr from Panaca) and Ava hanging out at the cabin

Jackson, Isaac, and Lora at Thanksgiving

Matthew's brother, his wife, and two of their kids.

Ryan and Ava...two little dolls.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


HELP! I cannot keep Ava dressed. She takes her clothes off 20 times a day, no matter the weather. And the worst part is she takes her diaper off regardless of the contents. I am literally going CRAZY! As I type this post, she is screaming in time out! My Mom says it's paybacks because I was the same way when I was little. Thanks for the support Mom! Don't you just love when your Mother gets joy out of watching you suffer! Just joking Mom, I love you. But seriously, I need suggestions!